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Amazon Echo Devices


The “All-new Echo,” comes with a smaller and simpler design. Much improved audio and most importantly a significantly lower price of $99. The visual difference between the new Amazon Echo devices and its predecessor is the device’s size. The 2nd Generation Amazon Echo is slightly wider than the original. Amazon Echo 2nd generation has minijack aux output(Missing in 1st Generation) which lets you connect an external speaker.


In both models, you can enjoy a different range of music streaming services, such as Spotify, Amazon Music. New Amazon Echo devices are much more attractive speaker that will fit more with your home decor at a much lower price than 1st Generation. On the top of the second-generation Echo device, there is a button to activate Alexa app and one to mute the microphones. Sound quality is worse than the original Amazon Echo devices. The new Echo will work for someone looking for a single smart speaker for their living room.


Amazon Echo Dot is a small home speaker which connects to your home and your phone with any Wi-Fi network via the Amazon Alexa app. Amazon Echo dot is available in different variants such as :

1st Generation:- From the first generation to the second dot remains the same except the thickness. First-generation can easily remote control home lighting, play music for you and many more things.

2nd Generation:- Coming to the second generation there has been a lot of improvements on the button as well as voice recognition technology. The reset button has been revised in Dot 2 as compared to one. ESP feature is in-built in 2nd generation while you need to update the software for the getting the same in Echo Dot first.

3rd Generation:- Third gen Amazon Echo Dot comes with a rounded edge, fabric coating and softer look. The new speaker of the 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot has got bigger and it is powered via a power pin connector. In this, you have the ability to enhance the skills using third-party apps and products which are accessible through Alexa.


The 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot has better sound as well as audio quality than 2nd generation.


1st Generation

The Amazon Echo Show 1st generation is a high tech digital assistant device which comes with a 7-inch screen. Weighing 2.5 pounds, Echo Show 1st Generation comes with a 5-megapixel camera, an Intel Atom processor, dual stereo speakers having dual-band wifi support.

2nd Generation

Amazon Echo Show 2nd generation looks like a tablet. The noticeable difference between the 1st and 2nd generation is the shape. The 1st generation Echo came with a front panel which has two speakers.

amazon echo show

In 2nd generation, though the speakers are of the same size, they are separated and in turn placed on the sides of the Amazon Echo Show. Second generation Echo device comes with a 10.1-inch display screen.


1st Generation V/s 2nd Generation

The 2nd generation Amazon Echo plus is now a bit smaller than its 1st generation model. The overall sound quality of the Echo plus 2nd Gen is a large improvement over the original model. The Echo Plus new model now has a temperature sensor built-in. Both Echo Plus speakers allow for calling and messaging between other Echo devices and the Alexa app.

amazon echo plus

The new Amazon Echo Plus comes in three color charcoal, heather gray, and sandstone. In the new Echo Plus, Amazon moved the volume buttons to the top of the device. Local voice control in the new Echo Plus device keeps functioning when the internet goes down. You can use your voice to adjust the device’s equalizer settings.

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