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Amazon Echo Setup

How to Perform the Amazon Echo Setup?

Here to set up a brand new Alexa Echo device

If you have got a new Alexa Echo, this is how you set up it up with Alexa. Echo setup is quite simple. Amazon echo setup is known for its simplicity and user-friendly setup Amazon echo.

amazon echo setup

That is the main aspect of its popularity. All you have to do is follow these instructions and your Amazon echo setup will be done in a jiffy.

Download Alexa App

To get started. You will need your Alexa echo device. The power adapter which was provided. The speakers do not require batteries so ensure you have the correct power cable ready. Try not to use a generic replacement.
The Amazon Alexa app needs to be download on a phone or tablet. You can download Alexa app on the Alexa web portal if you’re setting it up on the PC –

download alexa app

When your Echo is powered it feels like an individual device but to get started. You will need to use a phone or a tablet to enable the settings. Before you start you need to install the Alexa app from your play store or app store on the device of your choice.

On Apple devices, users can use the app store and on Android users can use the play store. You can also install the Alexa app on Amazon devices from the Amazon app store. Once you are in the store, find the official Amazon Alexa app. Mostly it will be the top search result. Make sure you have gone through the app details before installing

Connect Alexa Echo to WiFi

Now that you have installed the software you need to setup Amazon echo hardware. Flip the speakers to find the power jack, connect the power adapter to the power socket on the echos peaker.

 connect echo to wifi

Connect the other end of the adapter into the wall. The Echo will now be powered. A light indicator will glow on the echo device as it configures itself. The setup has begun.

Amazon Echo setup

Note: Some devices have a 3.5mm output jack some devices don’t have this option.Initializing

You almost done. Amazon Echo is hooked up. You will have to wait for some time for it to initialize. The light ring will turn blue for some time then becomes orange and it will play small greeting audio. The Alexa echo is ready for a final Amazon echo setup.

Open the Alexa App

Now you will have to open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet, then choose the cog-shaped icon. This should be on the bottom right side of the screen. Choosing this option will take you to the settings for the final stage in the Alexa app setup. Choose set up a new device to connect to wifi. You will have to instruct the echo to log on to your home wifi so that it will have internet access for future use.

Choose your device

Now select the Amazon Echo speakers that require setup. Let’s assume that you are setting up a full-size Amazon Echo the instructions are always the same for the mini echo dot and the echo plus as well.

amazon echo setup

Next, select the Amazon Echo speaker that you wish to set up. For the purposes of this guide, we’ve been assuming that you’re setting up a full-size Amazon Echo, but these instructions will also work just as well if you’re setting up the Echo plus or mini Echo Dot or perhaps even the Amazon Tap.

All devices are compatible with the Alexa app provided Select the right device and then pick your desired language from the next page.

Amazon Echo setup

Internet connection is a must for the device to function. Wi-fi connection choose ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ option from the next page to continue the echo setup process and get online first, the instructions will ask you to check if the device is displaying an orange ring light.

If not, you will need to hold down the ‘action button’ for five seconds so that the device is on setup mode. Now, open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone or tablet settings menu.

echo setup

In Wi-Fi settings. Turn on Wi-Fi (if it’s not already on), then choose echo device from the list. After this open Alexa app. The Alexa app should say connected to the echo. Tap ‘continue’ then choose your device from the list and enter your wifi password.

Type the password in Alexa. Tap connect in the Alexa app. It might take some time depending on your wifi speed. After that, you will be able to go to in settings menu. Now the device should be online and the devices ring light should go off Name your device

The device will activate the wake word ‘Alexa.’ You can change this voice recognizable word to the desired word. The reason behind this setting is if you have a family member called Alexa the speaker will activate during a conversation.

If Alexa word does not give a response to you, go to settings. Change the name of the device from Alexa to Computer, Echo or Amazon.
You’re all done!