Download Alexa App

Alexa Setup

Congratulations on your new Alexa Echo device. You will be very happy with your purchase in the time to come. However, at this point, you must be wondering how to do the Alexa Setup.

Thankfully, the Echo Setup process has been made extremely simple and quick so that you need not spend more than 5 minutes on it if you do things correctly.

1. Power Up

First, unbox your device and take out both the device and the charging adapter that comes with it. Plug the device into a power outlet and let it charge for a while.

The reason for this is that if the device switches off during the setup or initialization, it may take some time to start again,
unnecessarily delaying the Alexa Setup process.

2. Download Alexa App for Windows, Mac, and Android

While the device charges, Download Alexa App on your mobile device or tablet. The Alexa App Download is an important part of the Alexa Setup.

If you use an android phone or tablet, visit the google play store for your Alexa App Download. For iOS users, you can have a look through the play store.


You will need a mobile device or tablet in order to complete the setup, but after that, you can use a browser version on your PC or laptop. For the browser version, you can get the Alexa App for Windows, Alexa app for Mac, Alexa app for iOS, and Alexa app for Android from Alexa.Amazon.Com and install it on your browser.

3. Log In, Sign up and forgot password

Once you get the Alexa App installed, the next step is to log in to the app using your user credentials. If you are a new user, you will need to create an account through a simple registration process.

alexa setup

You can google sign-up or you can visit Alexa.Amazon.Com and sign up from the website directly. If you are an existing user, just enter your email ID and password to be able to access your account on the app.

4. Connect to the device

Open your app and click on the settings tab. You will see an option to add a new device. Click on the option and click search for devices nearby. A list will be populated with all the Alexa compatible devices nearby.

Choose your device from the list and connect to it. With this, the Alexa App Setup is over.

5. Connect Alexa to WiFi

The last part of the Alexa Setup is connecting to WiFi. Go to the settings tab and click on the Alexa device. Select your device and click on the connect Alexa to WiFi option.

connect alexa to wifi

Once you enter the credentials, the Alexa app will confirm that your device is connected and you can begin to use Alexa and give it commands as you please. If the device is unable to connect to WiFi, restart both the device and your router and try again.

5. Troubleshooting

If the above steps are not working for you, then you may need to reset all devices including your mobile device and try again. If it still does not work, contact customer care and tell them in detail about the problems you are experiencing. They will be able to determine whether any further action is necessary.